By Susanna Mittermaier, Gary M. Douglas 

Welcome to Advanced Pragmatic Psychology!

Creating a Life on Planet Earth
Without Trauma, Drama, Upset, and Intrigue

Many of us were not taught how to create our lives at all; let alone creating it with joy and ease,
but if you are willing to be pragmatic, if you are willing to do what works for you, you can go beyond the drama and trauma
and into a world of possibilities greater than you have ever imagined.

This book is filled with tips and tools that will empower you to choose and create that.


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Pragmatic psychology has tools for you
that will bring you back to what you know is true about you.

What if you are the greatest expert on anything that’s about you?

  • Who are you really?

Out there in the world, the word “crazy” is generally used as a judgement. But what if it was to your advantage not to be “normal”?

  • No Judgement

How often have you heard you can’t be happy because … and what if all of that was just an interesting point of view, that had nothing to do with you?

  • No Answers

Everyone tells us what we should know. But nobody asks us what we already know about ourselves. But what if you’re the only one who really knows what works for you?

  • Your Difference

We so often think we’re wrong for being different. Really, nothing is wrong with you. Your difference hides amazing capacities. Are you ready to discover you in all your greatness?

  • Your craziness

Everything that isn’t normal is judged as crazy in this reality. And how can your craziness be a possibility?

  • Your happiness

Everywhere in the world, people make it about problems. They scarcely ever talk about happiness. But what if life was about being happy, in your own unique way?

Blog Posts

Pragmatic Futurist - The Future You Could Be Choosing…

The world is on a reset.

Have you noticed?

Going back to normal is not an option. Those who try to recreate what was are struggling. Those who choose to let go of the old are getting ready for the future.

What are you choosing?


Have you ever wished your family were a fairy tale?

Do you find yourself wishing for a picture-perfect family – the loving, caring, kind family that sees you and celebrates you? The people who don’t judge you and are always grateful for you, exactly the way you are?

Has that wish ever been fulfilled? Or does it feel more like the fairytale you wish for that can never be, no matter how hard you try!

But, what if what can be is actually far greater than the fairytale?

The Tools You Need To Unveil Brilliance

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to define yourself and we’re so quick to put ourselves in a box. Maybe you define yourself in some of these ways:

  • By role: I’m a parent, leader, friend, patient, student

  • By career: I’m a teacher, businessperson, manager

  • By personality traits: I’m focused, shy, extroverted, creative, funny

  • By physical traits: I’m athletic, skinny, blonde, healthy

  • By abilities: I’m good/bad at dancing, sports, learning, relationships

What is pragmatic psychology?

This is an invitation to pragmatic psychology with psychologist Susanna Mittermaier.

Practical Tools For Being Crazy Happy!

Everyone has at least one 'crazy' person in their life, right (even if it's ourselves!)? And there are a lot of labels and diagnoses out there - depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, schizophrenia, OCD, autism...

...What if there was a different possibility with mental illness? What if mental illness are capacities?  - and What if change and happiness were a totally available reality for you?

Mag. Susanna Mittermaier is a clinical psychologist with an amazing capacity to facilitate what this reality often defines as crazy from a totally different point of view - one of possibility and ease.

What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be?
What if you could employ and enjoy your insanity (and that of the people around you?) and create more ease for you and others?

If you had the tools to change this reality's point of view about mental illness, would you use them?

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Susanna Mittermaier

Pragmatic Psychology Certified Facilitator

In psychology, we often talk about what’s wrong with this person. Why is it wrong? How can we make it better? And that’s why I’ve developed a new paradigm for psychology and psychotherapy. In pragmatic psychology, we ask what’s actually possible with the difference you are.

Pragmatic Psychology is for you ...

... because it’s not about making you ”normal” or telling you what’s “right” for you ... You’re not “wrong” and another person can never really know what’s good for you.

Pragmatic psychology is for you if ...

  • ... you would like to know how your life can work for you
  • ... you prefer to choose for yourself what’s good for you
  • ... you’re looking for new ways of creating your life in a way that is meaningful for you
  • ... you would like to find out what capacities lie hidden beneath your diagnoses
  • ... you would like a new perspective on things
  • ... you actually know that everything is OK with you, just nobody has told you that yet.

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