What is Pragmatic Psychology?

This is an invitation to Pragmatic Psychology with psychologist Susanna Mittermaier.

Pragmatic Psychology offers tools and new perspectives
that facilitate you finding out what is true for you.

What if You are the greatest expert when it comes to being you in the world?

  • Are you really crazy?

Out there in the world, the word “crazy” is generally used as a judgement. What if “crazy” could be a compliment for the difference you are and the gift you are to our world! Diversity is what creates our future!

  • Good Bye Judgements!

Have you decided you are wrong? What if everything you have decided is wrong about you, is the “strong” you have learned to avoid?

  • Questions instead of Answers

Everyone tells us what we should know. But nobody asks us what we already know about ourselves. What if you’re the only one who really knows what works for you? Are you willing to trust yourself that much?

  • Being Different

We so often think we’re wrong for being different. In fact, nothing is wrong with you! Your difference hides amazing capacities. Are you ready to discover you in all your greatness?

  • Choice

Your past is in the past. It does not determine your future. You have choice to change your life and the direction of your future in every moment! What would you like to choose today to create the future you desire right away?

  • Your happiness

What have you decided you need to solve to get to be happy? What if life was not about solving problems but about choosing what creates a future that works for you?
What if happiness is only one choice away?

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Susanna Mittermaier

Founder of Pragmatic Psychology

In this world, people often worry about what’s wrong with themselves and their lives. Then they look for the cause. "Why is it wrong?” And then they look for a solution, "How can we make it better?” What if there is a totally different paradigm available for creating change? What if creating change is not about getting yourself or your life more right and less wrong? What if its about going beyond judgments and accessing the brilliant difference you are that makes everything work? I’ve developed a new paradigm for psychology, Pragmatic Psychology. What is truly possible with the difference you are? What is possible for us creating a future that works for us?

Pragmatic Psychology is for you ...

... because it’s not about making you ”normal” or telling you what’s “right” for you ... You’re not “wrong” and another person can never really know what’s good for you.

Pragmatic psychology is for you if ...

  • ... you would like to know how your life can work for you
  • ... you prefer to choose for yourself what’s good for you
  • ... you’re looking for new ways of creating your life in a way that is meaningful for you
  • ... you would like to find out what capacities lie hidden beneath your diagnoses
  • ... you would like a new perspective on things
  • ... you actually know that everything is OK with you, just nobody has told you that yet.