Are You Willing To Be A Pragmatic Futurist?

by Susanna Mittermaier

What if you and your business could be a contribution to creating a world that you would actually like to live in, as well as providing the flow of abundance that you desire? What could you bring into your world. and what could you choose for that to actualise?

A pragmatic futurist creates a business that is a contribution to themselves, the world and the future. It’s about making the best choices for a greater future for everyone.

Most people create a business that is about immediate and consistent results and focusing on how their choices will make profit. Thanks to capitalism, profits have become the end game of this reality. Have you ever stopped to wonder if there was a greater possibility with business beyond the need to work for profit?

Susanna Mittermaier, born in Vienna, Austria, is a psychologist educated at the University of Lund, Sweden, where she worked at the university hospital in the psychiatry department with psychotherapy and neuropsychological testing. She is the founder of Pragmatic Psychology and author of the #1 international bestselling book, “Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy.” Her new book is called “Family Fairytale”.
As a highly sort after public speaker and keynote speaker, Susanna has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, TV soap, Psychology Today, Women’s Weekly, Ooom, Wienerin, Empowerment Channel Voice America, Om Times, Motherpedia, Newstalk New Zealand, Holistic Bliss and many more. Susanna offers a new paradigm of therapy called Pragmatic Psychology and is known for her ability to transform people’s problems and difficulties into possibilities and powerful choices.
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