What world would you like to create?

Would you like to spread the tools of Pragmatic Psychology into the world?

Pragmatic means doing what works! Welcome to being pragmatic in a dramatic world. Pragmatic is about creating possibilities, dramatic is the focus on problems.

With the training to become a Pragmatic Practitioner, I have created a possibility for even more people to gain access to these tools. Whether you would like to use the tools for yourself or with your family and with children, or as educator, teacher, therapist, doctor, or coach, you are invited to learn a totally new and different paradigm of facilitating change! I am very pleased that so many people from different professions have already chosen this possibility and how it expands their lives and businesses and creates a greater world.

Here is what you require to become a Pragmatic Practitioner:

Exclusively for Pragmatic Practitioners:

  • You get regular calls with Susanna with the latest tools, on current topics
  • Telegram group with the possibility to ask questions
  • Regular exchange with other Pragmatic Practitioners
  • You can list yourself on the Pragmatic Psychology page, with your contact information, webpage and  photo for people to be able to find you for sessions etc.

RENEWAL of your Pragmatic Practitioner license

*The call is available in the following languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian, Mandarin and soon Italian. For more languages, feel free to contact us!

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