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Facilitating the Power Beyond Pain

How much of what is experienced as pain is considered a normal part of life?

Have you ever questioned that?

What power are you hiding behind upset, drama, frustration, physical and psychological pain?

Welcome to a totally different paradigm!

Find out how you can facilitate yourself to the possibilities that pain is pointing you towards?

Learn how you can facilitate others beyond pain?


Lets explore and access your power!

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This program is for anyone desiring to live a life beyond pain,
whether its physical or the constant nagging stress, worry,
depression, anxiety or any other psychological pain.

This program is also for you who works with people in pain and learning how to facilitate the power beyond pain!


  • START: May 22 at 8 pm CET
  • CONTENT: 2 Calls per week; A telegram group to ask questions; Inspirations from Susanna throughout the 5 weeks; Recordings of each call; Manual; Certificate
  • FACILITATOR: Susanna Mittermaier
  • COST: 1800 euro. You can also pay in 2 parts with 950 euros per part. Repeat price 1300 euro within 12 month. Check your country prices.
  • DATES OF THE CALLS: Check the dates and times here

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What do people say who took this program?

Hello beautiful Susanna !! I just thought of the question what the power beyond pain calls brought up the whole night. And I came from one the the other, had so many words I could fill a book.
BUT to say it in a nutshell:
For me
- the call BLOWES UP all the constructed foundations, walls and fairways
- BEEING the tools (not „only“ using them - but also „just“ using them is absolute brilliant) guides to FREEDOM. Not MORE FREEDOM. REAL FREEDOM, as far as i can see.
- my body cells are glittering and get in vibration from all the questions and clearings
- the manual is floated with that power energy. Its not just the words - its POWER VIBRATION
- imagine, what the world would be like if people get the awareness that they have the choice - suffering or BEEING THE MAGICAL BEEING they really are.
And with that series, soooo many people get access to that possibility. So - in my awareness the series is like the KICKOFF for soooo much more it will create. Or you will create how EVER it will show up
THANK YOU. And all the others - for the vulnerability and the questions. What else is possible when we don‘t have to captivate so much of our energy to keep the pain hidden and REAL.

Michaela M
Austria grateful for these calls...of course perfect timing for me
So much space has opened up...bringing along some pain for me to look've provided more tools for me to feel and move through some shit
I so appreciate your uniqueness and openness...your childlike way of being....I see that in you and I know it's still in me somewhere that I buried long ago....this class has ignited my spark and I feel equipped to move forward and sparkle everywhere I go!!!
Bless you!
I'm excited for what's coming and expecting miracles as I go

Nicole L

Jobwise I am in daily contact with people who feel pain. (I am a doctor) I have known for a long time that the classical medicine can not really help these people and have been looking for alternatives to activate the self-healing powers of the body (via manual medicine, acupuncture, etc.) and yet even that did not really work for me. This program has now gone beyond the scope and I think I have now understood that it is not up to me or the method whether someone feels better, but solely up to the choice of the respective person and my task is to be the space and permission for his choices. Thank you dear Susanna and everyone who has made this program what it is with your being, your questions and your contributions. And what is possible beyond that...- I am looking forward to go further on a journey of discovery - to more magnificence, to more consciousness and to more of US.

Petra J

I could share countless magical moments with you every day at the moment. Such a huge space has opened up, I have no words for it. Thanks to this programme I have gained a completely different view of pain, especially those that I considered normal (stress, frustration etc) and a completely different way of dealing with symptoms. My life is now so clear and wide and beyond anything I had known before.
Susanna, unfortunately I don't have the words to write you a proper review. Because all words seem too small at the moment to describe the change in my life that has come about through you, all the wonderful people here, this programme and the other courses with you. I am just grateful beyond measure!
I would like to share one more story from today: I had to go to the dentist today to have my teeth cleaned. Since I am extremely sensitive at the teeth etc., I always sit there rather pale and full of fear. We don't even need to talk about the pain. Today I asked myself what my problem actually was. I gave birth to a child without painkillers (and it wasn't an easy birth) and yet I have a crisis at the dentist. So I asked a question: how many people do I notice here who have already sat in this chair full of fear and pain? Wow! My whole world opened up! I was no longer in pain and instead joked with the doctor's assistant and gave her a little facilitation in dealing with her child....

Sabine F

So much more space - so much more possibilities - it is still a little beyond these words. It's seeping in so slowly - it's just getting started now and the DISCOVERY of what's still possible beyond that is new every DAY. No NOW is it over - NOW is when it really starts - the SPACE is open. And how much more space is there - Without pain-noises and heal around it.... what is possible now if every pinch can be seen as a gift and makes new space. How much more receiving of everything is allowed to show up when we bring the space that was so wonderfully felt at the end into the world every day. AND I love it - the idea that WE are everywhere and so many new DOORS are opening everywhere - so many CHOICES are newly possible and how ingenious - EVEN with doctors sorry wonderful doctor ... so brilliant . This makes me so so grateful for what is possible there now. Excited and joyful - and a bit flat from so much new space - I look forward to everything that may come and all CREATIONS that follow. SO MAGICAL dear Susanna - you are really absolutely inspiring and such a magical space - THANK YOU and magical how we can contribute from each other and with each other for what is really possible
See you magic people

Kathrin T

Dear Susanna,
What a treasure these calls are! I am much more in allowance with my pain, no more feeling that I am „failing“ if there is psychological pain, on the other hand I‘m much more aware of the „normal“ subtle pain I often overlooked.
There were so many topics I‘m very much looking forward to explore further, I’ll definitely watch the calls again. Especially the „avoiding to have an advantage“ you mentioned last time hit me like a bomb.
I feel so much lighter and there is much more joy and humour in my life and this also affects my kids and my husband.

Sigrid B

The program has given me a deeper understanding of what pain can be. Pain is so much more than just physical or emotional. 3/4 into the program I experienced a space that just is. Still is. There are really no words for it. It makes me free and light and carefree. Even on days when I have every reason to choose pain I just don´t. Thank you for everything

Maike G

Dear Susanna.
This call series has brought so much more awareness to pain and illness.
When patients come into the office, I notice so much more, especially when people are telling something and the energy behind it is completely different.
With the awareness that we create EVERYTHING ourselves, it is so much easier to acknowledge this.
For me these regular calls are a huge gift to stay tuned, it goes deeper and deeper, far beyond words.
I can allow the chaos within me much more, accept and BE with the question, is this the change I asked for.
I so appreciate your brilliance, humor and ease in how you facilitate!

Sonja K

Thank you so much for changing lifes, giving choices, possibilities, Ahs and Ohs and so many WOWs , ease, ease and much more of it .
You‘re such a gift to the world

Gabriele H

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