Change starts with
one choice!
Do you know that you always have choice
to change your life?

Monthly Pragmatic Boost


Becoming a Pragmatic Practitioner

July 16, 2024


19-22. Juli, 2024

The Systems beyond the Structures

August 4, 2024

Pragmatic Practitioner
3 day class

August 9-11, 2024

Schamlos Du! Wie möchtest Du dich ausdrücken?

7-8. September, 2024

The Never Giving Up Club

Starting August 19, 2024

Pragmatic Practitioner
3 day class

September 20-22, 2024

What is Pragmatic Psychology?

Pragmatic Psychology offers tools and new perspectives
that facilitate you finding out what is true for you.

What if You are the greatest expert when it comes to being you in the world?

Pragmatic Psychology is not about making you ”normal” or telling you what’s “right” for you ... You’re not “wrong” and another person can never really know what’s good for you.

Welcome to the buffet of the Pragmatic Psychology & Pragmatic Practitioner classes!

Some of them have prerequisties to join and some do not.

The Pragmatic Practitioner classes are special Pragmatic Psychology classes inviting you to find out what you know about facilitating change for yourself and others. Whether you are a parent, coach, doctor, teacher, hairdresser, therapist of any kind.. however you work with people, explore these tools and get to know a totally new revolutionary paradigm to create change!

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Pragmatic Psychology - Being Happy in an Unhappy World

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The wonderful world of Pragmatic Practitioners                    

There are also Pragmatic Psychology books available.
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About Susanna Mittermaier

Susanna Mittermaier MSc is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology.
She is an international Bestselling author in thirteen countries with her books: Pragmatic Psychology and Advanced Pragmatic Psychology.

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