What do you know
about facilitating change
and are you ready to be it?

What doors will this open for you?

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Welcome to the Pragmatic Practitioner class live in the Netherlands and online!

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What do you know about facilitating changeand are you ready to be it?

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The class fee is 1550,- Euro (for 100% countries) and you can use this information to pay by banktransfer:

Account name: Pragmatic Psychology
IE02 BOFI 9002 8730 0839 86

Please always add YOUR NAME and of the class "Pragmatic Practitioner Netherlands"

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Find a totally different paradigm of working with people and facilitating change!

What is Pragmatic Psychology?

Pragmatic Psychology offers tools and new perspectives that facilitate you finding out what is true for you.

What if You are the greatest expert when it comes to being you in the world?

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Pragmatic Psychology - Being Happy in an Unhappy World

About Susanna Mittermaier

Susanna Mittermaier is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology, an active worldwide speaker and an international bestselling author of four books.

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