The party starts on November 7


You missed out!

Welcome to the Global Book Reading of

Pragmatic Psychology
Practical Tools For Being Crazy Happy

by Susanna Mittermaier

On November 7, 2023, the party begins! Pragmatic Practitioners worldwide will read the popular bestseller by the founder of Pragmatic Psychology, Susanna Mittermaier, in their language. Along with her books "Fairytale Family", "Advanced Pragmatic Psychology" as well as "Who is Henry", "Pragmatic Psychology" is one of the absolute must-haves for all those who are looking for a completely new paradigm in the field of psychology and personal development.

This is how you can be a part of it:  

All 21 chapters of the book will be read by Pragmatic Practitioners from all over the world in different languages.
Included are:


Go here for the schedule of the different chapters and languages. 

5 pm CET: Introduction by Susanna Mittermaier in English
5:15 pm CET: Chapter 1 How I Had It All Wrong in Chinese
5:30 pm CET: Chapter 2 Pragmatic Psychology in German
5:45 pm CET: Chapter 3 Change Can Be Easy and Fast -- Not Only for Americans in Spanish
6 pm CET: Chapter 4 The Access Consciousnesss Clearing Statement -- Being Harry Potter in French
6:15 pm CET: Chapter 5 Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions to Be Normal in Turkish
6:30 pm CET: Chapter 6 Judgements -- The Dead End in Portuguese
6:45 pm CET: Chapter 7 Symptoms into Diagnosis and Where Are You in German
7 pm CET: Chapter 8 The Space Called You -- It Is Weird, It Is Wacky, but It Works in English
7:15 pm CET: Chapter 9 Distractions -- Anger and Guilt in Italian
7:30 pm CET: Chapter 10 Defending -- You in Your Castle in German
7:45 pm CET: Chapter 11 Your "Disorders" Are Actually Superpowers in English
8 pm CET: Chapter 12 Out of Abuse in Spanish
8:15 pm CET: Chapter 13 Depression -- The Greatness of You in German
8:30 pm CET: Chapter 14 Dead Man Walking in Turkish
8:45 pm CET: Chapter 15 Do You Really Want to Change? in Spanish
9 pm CET: Chapter 16 Burn Out or Burn Up? in English
9:15 pm CET: Chapter 17 Relationship -- Killing You Softly? in Italian
9:30 pm CET: Chapter 18 Happiness Is Just a Choice in Hungarian
9:45 pm CET: Chapter 19 Does the Majority Really Rule? in German
10 pm CET: Chapter 20 "Space Phobia" -- Do You Avoid Space? in English
10:15 pm CET: Chapter 21 Beware of So-called Ex-perts in French

The reading will be live streamed to Facebook and Youtube:


The Reading – Details At A Glance:

Reading of „Pragmatic Psychology“ – the bestseller by Susanna Mittermaier
21 chapters
9 languages alternately
 Starts: November 7 at 5 pm CET (Check your time in the World here)


The Book – An Introduction:

What are mental illnesses really?
Are they disorders or is there something else behind them?
What if you could let go of "having to be normal" and discover what you are truly capable of?

Is now the time to create the world we've always known is possible?
Could it be that life is much easier and simpler than you thought?
What if you could let go of all your "mistakes", all the doubts about what you can't achieve,
all the judgments you have about yourself?
What if you became aware of who you truly are and what you are really capable of?
Is now the time to stop letting the past hold you down?
What if psychology could be more than solving problems and what if it could empower you
to be all that you are and know all that you know?
What if psychology was about creating a different, sustainable future for you and all of us?
What reality that has never existed before can you actualize now for yourself and the world?
Is now the time to enjoy and use your craziness to create the life you truly desire?
Is now the time to be crazy happy?

What if you left that normalcy behind and acknowledged your uniqueness?

Join us! The book reading is for free.

If you like to get your own copy, the e-book or audiobook of "Pragmatic Psychology" go here.

What contribution can Pragmatic Psychology, the book, the Pragmatic Practitioners and the listeners around the world be for you?

I look forward to seeing you!

Yours, crazy happy Susanna

Susanna Mittermaier

Susanna Mittermaier MSc is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology. She is an international Bestselling author in twelve countries with her books: Pragmatic Psychology and Advanced Pragmatic Psychology.



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