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Pragmatic Psychology provides valuable tools and new perspectives on how business and collaboration can work for you, your team and your business. I work with questions instead of answers to discover individual strategies for success and to support you in discovering how business can be easy and successful for you. Mainstream and "proven systems" are a thing of the past - the future needs fresh ideas!

Welcome to completely new approaches to human resources, team building and team leading that focus on people and their capacities, paired with humor, fun and joy - goodbye dry management and hello to a way of working and being that inspires and creates more!

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Business Classes & Coachings around the World and Online

My business classes and coaching sessions take place worldwide live and Online. Translations are available in various languages.

Space for personal questions and a sense of what is needed in the moment are essential - where others work with time and concepts, I work with space and the latest tools.

Becoming a Pragmatic Practitioner – the Path to Your Own Business

With the training to become a Pragmatic Practitioner, I have created a possibility for even more people to gain access to these tools. Whether you would like to use the tools for yourself or with your family and with children, or as educator, teacher, therapist, doctor, or coach, you are invited to learn a totally new and different paradigm of facilitating change! I am very pleased that so many people from different professions have already chosen this possibility and how it expands their lives and businesses and creates a greater world.

Find out more about how you can become a Pragmatic Practitioner.

The Founder of Pragmatic Psychology - Susanna

Susanna Mittermaier is a psychologist, international speaker, bestselling author and Access Consciousness® facilitator. She is also the founder of Pragmatic Psychology, setting new standards in the areas of business, life design and personal development. After her classical training at the University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, she worked in pediatric oncology and then with people with mental illnesses. Even during her time in the psychiatric clinic, her way of working was inspired by asking for more.

What possibilities are there beyond the conventional approaches in all areas of life?

Which perspectives create more?

What kind of support focuses on the individual?

The tools of Access Consciousness® crossing her path proved to be a great gift. Susanna Mittermaier added the various tools to her therapies and coaching sessions and achieved amazing results. Inspired by the success and joy that this kind of facilitation (making easier) brings, she founded Pragmatic Psychology, writes books and gives business classes all over the world.

Pragmatic Practitioners - Facilitating change your way

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