What Unique Voice
of Possibilities are You
that you keep Denying
the World of?

What is Right Voice for You?

Right Voice for You is a workshop that supports people
to find their voice in the world
and to express themselves in all the ways
they have always wanted but never dared.

What creations are waiting for you to be brought into the world?

Where are you hiding when you could be showing up?

What if being heard and seen is something
totally different than you thought it was!

What would you like to bring to the world that you have never considered?

What if it could be easier and greater than you thought?

Welcome to Right Voice for You - the space for you to show up like never before!

The world is looking forward to You!

Are you ready?

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This video is a clip from a Right Voice for You class from May 2020- ”Get out of judgement”

About Susanna Mittermaier

Susanna Mittermaier is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology, an active worldwide speaker and an international bestselling author of four books.